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Hi friends!

I’m Nikki! Your friendly brand & website designer! I wanted to introduce myself here at the beginning of my blog.

It’s so rewarding to get to know my clients and create true friendships with them. When you scroll through my site or after you hop off your discovery call with me, I want you to feel like we click/vibe/whatever you call it! So, here I am to tell you more about me without the work filter (we all have a business voice, and while it should be authentic and coming from your heart, there’s still a filter we have to apply)!

Fair warning, I’m not one to write beautiful prose about myself, so this post is really going to be a bunch of pictures with stories behind them.

Let’s start with the three things that I can’t help but bring up to every person that crosses my path (not truly, I prefer not to speak to strangers … but if someone asked me to tell them about myself, I’d start with these).

One: Cat Mom to Prancer & Linux

I am a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE cat lover. Only those who thought to themselves “probably not as obsessed as me,” truly understand the chokehold cats have on me. I used to try to be subtle about my obsession, but I’ve given in and now my tea towels, slippers, mugs, and favorite Christmas sweater all feature cats. Back to the point of this bullet; I am a cat mom to two: Prancer (black, fluffy, boy) and Linux (black, less fluffy, girl). Prancer is insatiable when it comes to attention, and honestly a bit of a bully and brat. Whereas Linux (named by my fiance) is actually a recent adoption, and we’ve gotten to see her personality grow as she gets more comfortable. She is a sweet sleepy but wild thing, with a love for climbing up cloth furniture and hissing at Prancer (they are slowing becoming friends).

P.S. If you follow me on Insta, you’ll see a ton of them.

Two: VT Sweethearts to VT Marriage

Me and my mans met my freshman year at Virginia Tech. When I tell you it was love at first sight, I mean it. It was surreal and definitely something out of a movie. After I graduated from Tech in 2019, I moved in with him in DC, where he had already been living for a couple of years. We’re still in DC today, but we actually just closed on a condo in Miami (I know, buying a house and planning a wedding in one year, don’t know what we were thinking). We’re not moving until the end of 2022, but we are both excited to experience a new city before we “settle down” (gag I hate that word but there’s truth in it, for me). Back in July, he proposed at my family’s river house ANNNND guess where we’re getting married… yup, VIRGINIA TECH!! We are both so freaking excited to go back to Tech and get married there (and then go downtown after for old times sake).

Three: Harry Potter Fanatic

In general, I’ve always been the kind of person to completely absorb herself in a book or TV show fandom. We’re talking about Vampire Diaries, ACOTAR + TOG + CC, Marvel, and of course, Harry Potter. Harry Potter seemed to have a stronger hold me though, probably because that fandom is MASSIVE and there are just way too many things that you can immerse yourself into. Now, this is going to make some of y’all roll your eyes, but I didn’t even read Harry Potter as a kid (gasp!!!). I had watched each movie as it came out growing up, but I barely remembered them andddd I never read them as a kid. So, one day I was hanging with a bestie and she mentioned re-watching Harry Potter and so I asked “How many times do you re-watch them? Aren’t there like 5? Doesn’t that take forever?”. Yup, embarrassing, but that’s what kick-started my obsession; I re-watched them and then read all of the books, and now I am thankfully, no longer a muggle.

If you made it this far, I’m impressed. I some how used over 500 words to say “I have two cats, I’m getting married to my VT sweetheart, and I love Harry Potter.” So I’ll spare y’all and just share some random photos with captions hahaha.

Enjoy the browsing, and if you are going to reach out to me, start brainstorming three things about yourself to share!!!

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