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A website mockup on a dark background for Shannon Hennessey photography

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Shannon reached out to me with the understanding that a brand should do more than simply give information. Your brand communicates YOUR VALUES, and that was just as important to Shannon as it was for me:

“I would like a space to allow existing and future clients to view my work and share my services, as well as showcase my passion in capturing emotion & love through my photographs. It’s important to have people feel they can connect with me on a deeper level than just showing up and taking their photograph.”

Shannon had some wonderfully unique ideas for Shannon Hennessey Photography, learning towards darker earth tones to give a moody feel so her emotions connected to those on her website. She also wanted an element within her brand to represent nature, given that’s where she feels the most passionate with her photography. In addition to the connection to nature, the rose symbol I created for Shannon had a very personal tie:

“I would love to incorporate roses to symbolize the birth month of my daughter. They’re also my favorite flower.”

We vibed through her project soooo well, nailing down everything on the first concept.

“All I can say is that it’s perfect, everything is.”


Stationary kit mockup by website designer Nikita Banana Co
iPhone mockup with photography website for Shannon Hennessey by a website and brand designer

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