Hey friend! I wanna share with you why Brand Identity is important! I talk about it on my Instagram a lot, but let’s get into the nitty gritty today.
First of all, I want you to know I see you! You’re excited for the shiny new website, and can’t wait to see your brand transform, I 100% get it! I LOVE watching the details come together into a visual representation of your business.
So why do we start with workbooks & questionnaires, instead of jumping right in?

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⭐ Skipping the brand identity stage and going straight into designing a brand and website isn’t a recipe for disaster, BUT it is a recipe for short term success. You want long term success right? In the process of either starting a business or making a business shift, we are all caught up in the excitement, often leading us to lose site of our deeper values and longer term goals. If you don’t force yourself to take a step back and dive into the bones of your business, you could be missing essential aspects of your business, which then doesn’t get translated into your brand.

I learned this the hard way.

If you’re not currently in the process of starting your business, then I would bet you can relate to your initial business “values” and “goals”. They didn’t exist, not on paper anyways. When I started my business, I sort of fell into it on accident and let others (both clients and competitors) have the biggest say in the path I went down. Eventually, I was forced to take that step back, and I realized HOW LOST I was. Yes, I had been slowly feeling less inspired and a bit stuck, but it was gradual, and that’s part of being a creative right?

Well, it is, but it was also the consequence of never answering the hard questions, and thus not being purposeful towards my true goals. I truly have never felt so EXCITED about the path my business is going down, because it is authentic to me and it emphasizes both my skills and my favorite parts of design.

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⭐ So what are those hard questions I sat down and answered that gave me a eureka moment about my brand? They’re questions that force you to think about your business values, goals, purpose, and ideal client, which in turn helps you establish your brand identity. Getting the answers to those four aspects of a business might seem simple. But, if it’s simple, you’re not digging deep enough. Your brand identity is the foundation to a resilient brand and web design. Brand identity doesn’t actually involve logos, it is the basis that logos are created from.

You wouldn’t build a new house by showing up one day and nailing boards together with no plans. First, you meet with an architect to understand your functional needs, aesthetic desires, and future family vision in order to establish an effective plan. That’s what brand identity is to your new brand and web design.

⭐ How does brand identity, design, and web design all fit together in a package with me? Our first step together will be a brand introduction call that helps set the tone for your mindset around figuring out your brand identity. Then you get a big ole workbook where I guide you to dig deep so you can understand your business values, goals, purpose, and ideal client. I’ll be there to answer questions along the way, but after your workbook is filled, I go over it and schedule a brand strategy consultation call so we can make everything sparkly. Once we have your brand identity nailed down, thats when we go to the brand design, including logos, a color palette, font selection, you name it (and then of course web design)!

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So, can you answer questions about your values, goals, purpose, and ideal client without skipping a beat? Are you feeling stuck in your business? Are you still serving clients that you don’t actually want to serve (it’s okay we can’t help everyone!!)?

Wherever you might be in your business journey, if you haven’t yet taken the time to define your brand identity, I am here to guide you through it – I want you to have that eureka moment too!! 🤍 Of course, then we also get to make pretty logos and a kick-ass website 😉 ⚡

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