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A lot of us know that outsourcing and investing in your business is essential for growth, yet so many of us keep procrastinating until “there are more clients,” “there’s more money,” “there’s a friend that offers the service.” It’s hard to pull the trigger and make an investment when you can’t physically see the growth from it. You know investing in your business is important, but you’re waiting for the right person at the right time to invest in to better guarantee that growth. The right time is when you’re ready for growth, not after waiting and waiting for it to happen without the effort. The right person is someone who you can connect with on both a business and personal level.

As a creative professional, you’re not just in it for the money (not that making a living isn’t important to everyone!!!). Your work is incredibly important to you because it is personal, it is an extension of you. It’s an expression of yourself and the way you see the world, and in turn how the world sees you. It’s understandable to be hesitant of outsourcing anything because you want your whole vision to stay true to who YOU are.

Well, there’s the key: You need to hire a fellow creative that becomes a business partner & friend. Someone that shares the same values as you and wants to see your growth, not just your payment hitting the bank.

This is why I say it over and over: it’s important to collab with a fellow creative.

There’s so much impact & power in a collaboration between two creatives, someone who shares that “eye” for your art. It’s so beneficial to have someone who understands your unique creative process when designing your brand (aka, what is responsible for communicating your business purpose). Our businesses are centered around our style & eye, and we have to present that in a way that our dream clients can grasp & feel included in. You can have the prettiest pictures or videos in the world, but if they feel inaccessible to your ideal client, they’re going to book with someone else that connects with them.

I am here to help connect your photography, videography, or art to the clients you dream of meeting and working with. You can hire anyone to build that brand, but there is something so powerful & familiar about having someone who understands just how important authenticity is to the success of your business. AKA: a fellow creative.

Fun fact: Did you know I actually started out as a photographer? I picked up a camera all the way back in the beginning of high school and found a love for abstract & portrait photography (all along with my bestie, Hannah, who is now a KICK ASS boudoir photographer). I continued with photography throughout college, largely with senior portraits. While I throughly enjoyed portrait photography, ultimately I found more passion in branding & design; nonetheless, my time shooting gave me a unique perspective into your world as a visual creative.

a text exchange between web designer Nikita Banana Co & client

I can’t express enough how much I love working with photographers and videographers. I say over and over again on my website that I love being friends with my clients, because ITS TRUE!!! I think the best creative work is done when it’s a collab with a two creatives. We both use our strengths to create something really powerful, authentic, and beautiful.

If you’re ready to make that leap, let’s collaborate!

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