The concept of a “brand” can feel vague & out of reach. What is a brand? What is a brand responsible for in a business?

If you’re struggling to define your brand or are struggling to answer the questions above, keep reading for some answers!

a graphic made by website designer talking how to define your brand

First and foremost; a brand is SO much more than just a logo, just a color palette, or just a font collection.

These are the DESIGN OUTCOMES of an established brand identity. Your defined identity is the foundation of your brand and its design. Logos, fonts, symbols, and colors do not form an authentic and effective brand without it.

Okay so how do you define your brand identity?

The foundation starts with one thing. And that’s YOU.

You are the root of your brand. Why? Because every small business brand is an extension of the business owner. There is a reason you started your business. A reason you get up and keep coming back to your camera. It’s a part of you.

“Having a brand” may seem like the most intangible thing in the world, but it’s literally my job to take that vague concept and turn it into something tangible. And to do so, I always start with the business owner (you).

I am the outside perspective that can help reflect back to you what you’re missing. It can be hard to trace back the lines of your envisioned outcome to yourself, but I’m a pro at helping you develop those lines.

I start with questions, get to know your desires, history and vision. And together we let that evolve into the final product (the logos, the fonts, the website, the color palettes). But first? First we start with you.

Wanna see an example?

I have been working with Hannah, the photographer behind Tease By Hannah Louise, for over two years now. I’ve seen first hand how her business has evolved alongside her personal growth. As her values, editing & shooting style, and ideal client changed, I’ve been there to ensure her brand identity continued to effectively communicate those changes through her brand and web design.

Hannah’s business purpose is to provide an experience of self-love and confidence; she wants you to feel like a goddess. Her style reflects this through the warm and sunny colors and shots showing the art of each individual’s body. This all came from her own journey in embracing her femininity and loving every inch of her body and mind.

Her brand should communicate ALL of this. Through warm colors complimenting her style, to symbols representing her values, style, and goals:

“The sun represents.. well everything! It’s how we live life here on earth, it’s the only lighting I use in all of my images. The eye represents self. This whole experience is centered around YOU. Your own personal self love journey, and learning that everything has to come from within. No amount of outside influence will ever make you feel beautiful, worthy, confident, etc unless YOU TRULY BELIEVE IT!! The moon represents femininity, and nighttime. To me, this expresses embracing your feminine sensuality.” – Hannah

We were able to define her brand by working backwards from Who she is, and her story, to create the colors/moods/logos/vibes/website of her dreams.

boudoir photography photos on a mood board by brand designer Nikita Banana Co
Graphic of photography website made on Canva by a designer

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