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Hannah has been my best friend since HIGH SCHOOL y’all. We both took 3 years of photography classes together and we BOTH tested the waters of professional photography after graduating. While I enjoyed portrait photography for a few years (yup, and that’s why I LOVEEE working with my photography/videography clients so much), it wasn’t sparking quite enough passion. Hannah on the other hand, knew this was her calling.

Hannah started out as a wedding and portrait photographer and killllled it. Eventually though, she felt like she reached a point where she wasn’t growing anymore and started exploring different photography avenues alongside a self-exploration journey. That’s when Hannah discovered boudoir photography, which has continued to allow creative exploration and thus continuous business growth.

I came in to help Hannah with her boudoir brand and website and she has (of course) been part of my Brand BFF group since. In her most recent refresh, she wanted to update her brand to reflect her own growth and business shifts. With a new studio (and big windows), her editing style has emphasized the dreamy golden glow and artistic expression.


“I had Nikki refresh my website after my business took a huge shift towards boudoir, and she executed everything I wanted and more!!! The branding she designed embodied my mission + message EXACTLY. My website is inviting & full of information to make sure my ideal clients are taken care of before they even reach out. She listens to my requests and continues to help me keep my online space fresh & relevant as my business grows. It’s not “just” a website & branding, it’s a showcase of the experience my clients receive.”


Website on a green graphic by designer Nikita Banana Co
Mood board graphic from boudoir brand with gold and green accents
Tease by Hannah Louise logo by website designer Nikita Banana Co
Large moon logo on a black background by creative logo designer

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