A cohesive brand is essential to any small creative business. It’s what builds trust with your ideal client, as it shows you are the expert in what you do. If your branding is scattered or inconsistent, how will your potential customer trust you to create something consistent & reliable for them? If you’re a photographer or videographer, you are a high ticket service. You are worth every penny, but show your clients that you believe it by investing in branding that makes them feel safe & confident in their decision to hire you! You never want clients doubting their decision. So here are 3 ways to make your brand more cohesive, from your friendly neighborhood designer 🙂

graphic with text 3 ways to make your brand more cohesive on it

Beyond hiring a professional designer for the core of your brand, I want to offer 3 ways to make your branding more cohesive starting today!

ONE: Get clear on your colors & fonts and stick to them!

Nothing will confuse a client faster than seeing all different color palettes and vibes on your IG versus your website. You don’t walk into Target and wonder if everything will be blue! No! You expect those red circles on everything because they are consistent with their branding. Same thing goes for you. Know your color palette and standard font styles, and create all your micro content from that wheelhouse. An easy way to stay consistent with your branding vibe is to create a brand kit in Canva; take a look at mine for example:

design brand kit from website designer Nikita banana co

TWO: Get to know your online voice.

If you are all over the place in how you write captions and blog posts, then people are going to have a hard time recognizing YOU. Learn what works best for you, and stay consistent with your writing style. Think about where you fall on the brand voice scales below:

a vocal tone of voice graphic from a brand designer

THREE: Keep your editing style consistent on social media.

While you might be playing around with new edits behind the scenes, be aware of what you put on your feed. It will throw off a potential client to see all one style and then 2 or 3 RANDOM photos in a totally different style. If you are going to change your editing style, that needs to be a purposeful decision and treated like a rebrand. If you want to get feedback on new editing styles, your IG stories are a great place to do that. Or hide the new edits in a multiple-image post & ask your audience to swipe and vote on their favorites (example below).

Images with different edits from a photographer designed by Nikita Banana Co

Keeping your branding consistent is one of the best things you can do to create trust and desirability around your business. Those aspects go a LONG way to bringing potential clients into your experience. The best way to go about having a cohesive brand though, is to start with your foundation. When you hire a professional designer for your logos, website & branding kit- you give yourself ALL the tools you need to keep rolling that out for micro content on social media.

I hope these 3 ways to make your brand more cohesive were super helpful!!!

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