Every design business has a different structure, process, and offering suite, which can be confusing as hell when you’re in the inquiry stage.

At Nikita Banana Company, I prioritize an informed and seamless creative collaboration: one that minimizes the necessity of having to ask “what’s next” by always keeping you updated on expectations AND one that builds a natural and honest relationship so that you feel comfortable if you do need to ask for clarity.

So, let’s walk through the Nikita Banana Co Experience…

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Inquire: First things first, reach out to me through my inquiry application.

Package Guide: I’ll follow up within one business day and send over a brochure that goes over my base packages and a quick overview of the process!

My base packages include the necessities for each project type, and through our discovery call (see below), we then determine what package customizations best fit your needs (e.g., additional logos, stationery bundle, etc.).

Discovery Call: After you’ve had the chance to review my package guide, we will schedule a 1:1 discovery call. We’ll get to know each other better and you’ll have the chance to share your goals in working with a brand and web designer. Of course, we will also go over what your package would look like!

Three iPhone screenshots from the process of hiring a website designer


Proposal: I will prepare a proposal after our discovery call, which is what I like to call the “pretty” version of your contract. The proposal goes over your project details and general information around working with me, including the deliverables, timeline, investment, payment plan, and FAQs.

The proposal does NOT require any signature or deposit!

Contract & Invoice: If the proposal reflects your needs and you’d like to move forward with working with me, theeeen we get into the contract and invoice (the less pretty, and official document that reflects the agreed upon proposal).

a timeline for working with brand designer Nikita Banana Co


Welcome Guide: Well first, WELCOME TO THE NIKITA BANANA FAM!! As soon as you’re officially booked, I’ll be sending over a Welcome Guide that dives into your project details (again), the process, partnership expectations, and most importantly, prep guidance. The prep guidance has instructions on what you should start preparing and brainstorming about; the more you prep, the more smooth our project kick off is!

Brand Identity Workshop: As soon as your start date rolls around, I’ll be sending over a Brand Identity Workbook. I start ALL my projects with the Brand Identity Workbook; it’s the foundation to your brand. The workbook is an in-depth guided experience that walks through your values, goals, ideal client, and more in order to develop a strong UVP (unique value proposition). Once you’ve completed your Workbook, that’s when we hop on a call (if you’re up for it) to discuss any eureka moments and questions you or I might have. We finish out the call with a beautiful UVP that you’ll be confident in bringing to the market!

If the Brand Identity Workshop sounds daunting, then trust me, IT’S WORTH YOUR TIME and you’ll feel so confident afterwards. It’s a big part of the Nikita Banana Co experience.

A learning module for discovering your ideal client in branding


Brand Design Questionnaire: Now that we’ve landed on a solid brand identity, it’s finally time to start designing… ALMOST. You’ll recieve a quick (and I mean it this time) questionnaire around any brand design preferences. You do NOT have to know what you want; I have clients that have quite literally noooo idea what aesthetic direction they’re going for, and others who know exactly which flower they want featured. This questionnaire is created for you to let me know IF you have preferences!

Brand Design: Okay, now it’s really time to start designing! Depending on your project, I will spend 1 to 2 weeks designing your main brand assets (i.e., logos, font selection, color palette) from your brand identity, aesthetic preferences, editing style (if you’re a photog and/or videog), target audience, and my own experience in the design world. I send your main brand assets over for review before designing any additional brand assets (i.e., business cards, social media collateral, etc.).

Brand Guide: Once your brand assets are designed and finalized, I’ll create a handy brand guide for you to easily refer back to, whether you just want to look at it for fun, have a new team member joining, or are adding new content somewhere, this will be your new brand bff (other than me, of course).

A custom photographer's brand by Designer Nikita banana co


Web Design Questionnaire: Much like in the brand design stage, we start of the web design process with a quick questionnaire! This questionnaire simply re-affirms the pages and features you require/want for your website design.

Web Design: The web design process is a little unique per project, due to all of the variables at play (i.e., what special features you need, how many pages you have, whether you currently have content or not, if you have a copy writer, etc.). But typically, I start off with designing the home page, as it sets the tone for the rest of your website. Again, just like in branding, you’ll have the chance to provide any feedback on the home page review, and once the home page is finalized, I move onto designing the rest of the pages.

Three iPhone screenshots of a new photography brand


Launch: Well, after usually a couple MONTHS of working so closely together, it’s time to launch this bitch!! We will talk about the best methods in announcing your new brand and website (I always suggest starting off with some teasers on social media). And yes, I will be screaming your new brand to the world too!!!

Future Collab: My favorite text I’ve ever received as a brand & web designer was “I wish I still had an excuse to talk to you everyday.” Well, with that idea plus the frequent requests for me to make small updates as my past clients’ businesses grow, I decided to create the Nikita Banana Brand BFF.

Becoming a Brand BFF is only offered up to 6 past clients, and essentially, I refresh your website on a routine basis! At a minimum, I’m simply taking over the tasks of updating images, copy, and SEO to save you time. As a value add, I am also completing brand pulse checks to ensure that your brand is emphasizing where your business is (your business is static and neither is your brand). Most of my clients take advantage of the Brand BFF membership 1 to 2 times per year!

Here’s an example of a recent Brand BFF (click HERE):

A photographer's updated website by a professional designer

Some Quick FAQs about the Experience.

How much do you charge?

As much as I hate searching for the answer to this question and finding “it depends”… it really does depend. I have three base packages; the full Brand & Web Design Suite, the Mini Brand & Web Design Suite, and the Brand (Only) Web Design Suite. Each of these packages have a set base investment, but then are customized to the client’s specific needs. I RARELY have two projects with the same list of deliverables.

Average Range: $3,000 to $5,000

Can I use a payment plan?

Sure can; all of my packages include payment plans. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to book a spot with me, and the rest of your payments are split from your Start Date and onward.

What if I don’t know what my business goals are yet?

Then you’ve come to the right place (said in a dramatic TV advertisement voice). That’s truly what the Brand Identity Workshop is for; I created the workshop after realizing, MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW. This is what makes the Nikita Banana Co experience so unique.

When should I book?

I recommend inquiring at least two months before you’d like to START your project. I only have a few spots left for 2022, and I regularly update my Instagram with current availability. Follow me on there to stay informed!

Well, props to you if you made it through this lengthy blog post and I hope that gives you lots of clarity surrounding the experience in working with me! Reach out if you have any questions, I always am up to chat 🙂

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