I’m sure you’ve heard a million times that you need a personal brand as a photographer/videographer. If you’ve asked “why” I’m here to help dive into the tangible benefits of being and showing yourself in your business. Let’s talk about how to be personal and attract your ideal clients!

how to be personal and attract your ideal clients from a branding expert

First things first, what is a personal brand? A personal brand (or business) is one infused with personal details about you & your life. Simply sharing your day-to-day life, favorite hobbies, etc. creates connection points between you and your audience.

what is a personal brand? notes from a website designer

Your dream client wants to invest in a person, not a business. Or in other words, they want to connect with businesses where they know the person behind the screen and resonate with. You aren’t in the industry of selling services isolated from the person; you’re selling memories, feelings, and emotions, so your ideal clients sure are going to use their feelings when considering who to hire. Furthermore, as a photographer or videographer, you’re considered a “high-ticket sale.” When someone is considering who to hire, they’re not going out on a whim based on how they feel in the moment. They’re carefully weighing their options, they are consciously thinking about how each option makes them feel and who they resonate the most with. That’s why you want to be personal to attract your ideal clients!

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Don’t underestimate the power of audience resonance and emotion, it’s part of their equation in determining who to hire. With that, I want to re-emphasize that what you share should truly be YOUR personal life and YOUR values. Being emotional and friendly might increase your inquiries, but being authentically personable within your brand will bring in the clients you WANT. A personal brand “pre-qualifies” your ideal client. Your conversion will skyrocket when you’re talking to potential clients who you genuinely vibe with and share interests and values with. Beyond conversion, you’ll also just enjoy the experience so much more (and so will they!!).

authenticity is key for any photography brand by website designer

Now that the whole “why being a personal brand is it important” is down, let’s talk about how to make your brand personal. Thankfully, this one is truly so easy once you accept the truth of it. Show and be yourself on social media. Truly, just be yourself. Post stories with your face, of your every day life, of your favorite hobbies. Create posts or reels with monthly recaps, fun weekends, your updated office. Adjust your mindset to see your business Instagram as a private story with all your besties (assuming we all know to avoid the extremes lol). A personal brand is just one with YOU infused into it.

And that’s how to be personal and attract your ideal clients!

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