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Megan reached out to me when she was feeling a bit stuck with her boudoir brand. As someone who guides other females in seeing the beauty of their bodies, I knew it was now my job to show her the beauty in her own brand. Her art was clearly already there, but she lacked a brand that complimented and showcased her talent and passion to the world, and to herself.

From seeing Megan’s retro, moody, and boho themed rooms to learning more about her business purpose of resetting our own beauty standards to our given and changing bodies, I knew this was going to a favorite project of mine. Designing a brand that both represented her versatile themes and translated the message of “fuck the patriarchy” was seriously a designer’s dream. I mean, who doesn’t love disco balls!? I will forever be sharing her kick-ass brand for Naked Rebel Boudoir.


vintage styled boudoir branding by Nikita Banana Co
woman with her hand on her lip for website design for photographer
woman in lingerie on the phone by website and brand designer for photographers
boudoir website designed by Nikita banana co
website screenshots by a designer for creatives
investment page for photographer by branding specialist Nikita banana co
experience page of a newly designed website

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