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When Melanie reached out to me about creating her an authentic brand, she told me she had been a photographer for over 10 years, but never had a professional website or brand. She wanted something elevated and true to herself since she had spent years honing her style. Melanie told me she does photography to โ€œcreate artโ€ as well as bringing joy/creativity/beauty out of shoots.
“It isn’t just creating art for me as much as it is that I enjoy bringing out that creativity and beauty in each and every one I shoot. Watching their confidence grow or the family that is so happy to have images they can share and hold for a lifetime.โ€ย 
I loved her vision for the rebrand, and I think we nailed it. She said “think Devil Wears Prada” to kickstart our conversation and we held onto those black, white and red elements while adjusting them for her aesthetic.

Read what Melanie had to say about her finished brand in her Testimonial:

“It was hard to know exactly how to brand myself, so over the years, I had attempted my own website and it was just never what I was wanting. I am also picky and I was mad I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, haha. I finally decided it was time to do it seriously and hire someone with that professional knowledge of it to help. A friend of mine had told me about Nichole and I was sold from there after checking out her work and seeing she helped not only brand others, but create beautiful websites. While working with Nichole, it was everything I could have hoped for. She was understanding first and foremost, professional and quick to respond. She not only helped me to brand myself, but my vision for my brand/website was on point. Immediately after you finished my site, I received a web form submission from a client about shooting her birthday and doing a couples shoot. So that was exciting. I felt very excited and proud of the website.


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