I’m sure you’ve heard a million times that you need a personal brand as a photographer/videographer. If you’ve asked “why” I’m here to help dive into the tangible benefits of being and showing yourself in your business. Let’s talk about how to be personal and attract your ideal clients! First things first, what is a […]

Every design business has a different structure, process, and offering suite, which can be confusing as hell when you’re in the inquiry stage. At Nikita Banana Company, I prioritize an informed and seamless creative collaboration: one that minimizes the necessity of having to ask “what’s next” by always keeping you updated on expectations AND one […]

When it comes to being a photographer, or any other creative for that matter, it’s really important that you infuse YOU into your branding. Why? Because you are a personal brand just as much as you are a photographer, documenter, artist, etc. When you create in a saturated industry, the thing that makes customers buy […]

A cohesive brand is essential to any small creative business. It’s what builds trust with your ideal client, as it shows you are the expert in what you do. If your branding is scattered or inconsistent, how will your potential customer trust you to create something consistent & reliable for them? If you’re a photographer […]

The concept of a “brand” can feel vague & out of reach. What is a brand? What is a brand responsible for in a business? If you’re struggling to define your brand or are struggling to answer the questions above, keep reading for some answers! First and foremost; a brand is SO much more than […]

Let’s talk about how important it is to collab with a fellow creative… A lot of us know that outsourcing and investing in your business is essential for growth, yet so many of us keep procrastinating until “there are more clients,” “there’s more money,” “there’s a friend that offers the service.” It’s hard to pull […]

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