The concept of a “brand” can feel vague & out of reach. What is a brand? What is a brand responsible for in a business? If you’re struggling to define your brand or are struggling to answer the questions above, keep reading for some answers! First and foremost; a brand is SO much more than […]

Hey friend! I wanna share with you why Brand Identity is important! I talk about it on my Instagram a lot, but let’s get into the nitty gritty today. First of all, I want you to know I see you! You’re excited for the shiny new website, and can’t wait to see your brand transform, […]

Hindt Photography | Portrait & Wedding Photography | Brand & Web Design: Visit The Website Here THE STORY Ashley, of Hindt Photography, came to me as a website newbie, yet still had a solid vision of her brand purpose and ideal client! As a portrait photographer for families and seniors PLUS a wedding photographer, Ashley […]

Shannon Hennessey Photography | Portrait & Wedding Photography | Brand Design: Visit The Website Here THE STORY Shannon reached out to me with the understanding that a brand should do more than simply give information. Your brand communicates YOUR VALUES, and that was just as important to Shannon as it was for me: “I would […]

Business Name | Boudoir Photography | Brand & Web Design: Visit The Website Here THE STORY Jaimi was referred to me after recently narrowing her photography offerings to just boudoir; she quickly knew that boudoir spoke to her heart and so she wanted to take the next step in communicating that to her clients! While […]

By Kate Nunnally | Wedding Planning | Brand & Web Design: Visit The Website Here THE STORY Katie was JUST entering the wedding world when she reached out to me; she had a dream to build a wedding planning business and I wanted to make sure that happened with a beautiful brand that spoke to […]

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